FAQ for egress windows

Cost:  Our minimum charge for wall sawing is $350, which is equal to 20 linear feet of 8 inch thick wall or less.

Type of saw:  The wall saw is hydraulically powered and rides on a track that is bolted to the wall.  This ensures the cuts are straight and square.  Cutting is done from one side of the opening, so you donít have to worry about getting the cuts from both sides to line up.

Amount of Room:  We need one foot of clearance outside each of the perimeter cuts and three feet back from the face of the wall.  Hydraulic lines need to be run from the truck to the saw at a maximum distance of 140 feet.

Cleanup:  Cutting concrete is messy.  We prefer to cut from outside so we donít have to haul our equipment through your home.  We will do our best to minimize the mess, but you will want to hang plastic to minimize over-spray inside.  The saw blade is water cooled, so there will be minimal amounts of dust.  Each truck is equipped with a shop vacuum, so our operator will vacuum up the slurry in the basement when he is finished cutting.

Removal:  Concrete removal and disposal can be requested.  Our minimum charge for that service is $250.  We will need to be able to access the area with a small loader in order to remove the concrete.

Other questions:  Please feel free to call or e-mail us.